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It’s strange for me to admit this, but there was nowhere I would rather have been today than at work. It’s a young company, but the team being assembled is a very experienced one. Experienced radio reporters, experienced tech-folks, and some very savvy business-minded folks. All these smart people took time out of their lives today to talk about ideas, and there’s nothing more exciting to me than hearing people think.

The conversation really hovered around the topic of blogging versus journalism, and in the two days since that topic was initially broached with our team of reporters, it’s already come a long way in their minds. The topic also seems to be on the minds of some pretty articulate folks outside of Silicon Valley – like The New Yorker’s Nicholas Lemann.

After about a day of mulling it over, our reporters had already come a long way from total skepticism to something-more-than-grudging acceptance. By the end of the day today, they were almost eager to get started.

It’s going to be exciting. Some very good competitors are already out there for us to learn from. At NPR, there’s a logical desire to get online with podcasts. We can’t ignore their potential to become a strong force in podcasting, but NPR has changed a lot over the years, and while we might see our way to emulating its strengths, there are some things we might aim to do differently.


In addition to reminiscing about the good old days of NPR, with sound-rich stories and risk-taking reporting, we found that several of us have a fondness for Canada, or at least the way they do radio up there. And wouldn’t you know it, they’re thinking about podcasting, too.


I’ve been at this job for three days so far, and it feels like it’s been one marathon seminar. I know it won’t stay that way for long (tomorrow’s the last day of talk — then it’s back to work), but it’s been an exciting introduction. I’m looking forward to seeing what our producers do once we let them back out into the wild…


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