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If you’re into watching Meet The Press, you noticed this morning that Tim Russert lost some weight. Or that NBC White House correspondent David Gregory does a mean Tim Russert. But if you like impressions, then you couldn’t miss the stunning Statler & Waldorf impression that the second segment featured: 9/11 report co-authors Tom Kean and Lee Hamilton sang their lines from the Muppet Show loud and clear: “Why do we always come here? I guess we’ll never know. It’s like some kind of torture to have to watch the show….” They’ve been on the show before. Their message then: we’re still not safe. Their message today? Are we safe now? Sure. We’re safe now.

The fun really started with the Howard Dean segment, which featured a clip of another puppet show: on the Today Show, Joe Lieberman’s lips moved, but Vice President Cheney and RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman sang. The lyrics were from the administration’s surprisingly long-lasting hit song, “You’re Either With Us Or Against Us.” How a tune stays at the top of the charts for five years is a complete mystery, but the secret may lie somewhere in its black-and-white simplicity. The LiebermanCheneyMehlman claim not only allies Lieberman with JFK, but supposes that millionaire Ned Lamont is a fringe Lefty lunatic. Why can’t we have real Lefty Fringe Lunatics like every other country?

Vive la France.


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