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If you watched Conan hosting the Emmy Awards last night, you might have seen him sing and dance about NBC and all the troubles they’ve seen (and then, incidentally, you might have seen NBC clean up at the awards, with shows nobody I know watches winning lots and lots of stuff, but let’s not fan the flames any further…)

You might also have heard Conan allude to a changing world, in which kids are watching cats peeing in toilets on YouTube (instead of watching that footage where it rightfully belongs — on Fox). The notion of a changing world is on their minds over in Hollywood, and the future is probably grim for them, so it was nice to see some comforting faces like Bob Newhart and others who come from a time before content delivery systems eclipsed comedy. But this is where we’re at, and it’s Monday, a brand new newsday, and here’s some of what’s out there:

Former Sun Microsystems guru Bill Joy, who explained our fear of change better than anyone, before most people even knew change was coming, has a new venture to talk about. It’s eco-stuff, and it’s not the only story along those lines you might come across today.

Slashdot points out that Greenpeace has ranked electronics firms on their friendliness. This may be the warning before they start crashing their Rainbow Warrior into Bill Joy’s boat (or firing Greenpeace missiles into Mountain View… would they do that?). Anyway, the point is, if Bill Joy, who is always right (and now also represents “smart money,” as a VC himself…), and Greenpeace are both talking about green things, then it’s probably good news for someone like Al Gore, who invented environmental awareness (Honestly, once again, he could legitimately make that claim, as far as mass public consciousness goes. Let’s just hope he doesn’t…).

Anyway, if you’re a billionaire and green isn’t your color (evidently more and more folks with bundles of money are buying boats, green or not), there is a faster mode of transportation for you, if you want it. It’s a good way to get there faster, and to help deplete the quality of air and water on the planet faster, too. Check it out.


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