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New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been feeling the pressure pulling at him ever since he decided to bankroll his own campaign for mayor in 2001.

The tension is entirely understandable, since New York is a bastion of liberal democrats and a scourge for republicans. Maybe, if things had turned out differently, a democrat might have won, but they were thrown off by something, and Mayor Giuliani ended up becoming a half-man, half-God, and the mantle was passed.

But some people remember when Bloomberg was a democrat, switching over to the red side only when it made the most sense to avoid a crowded democratic field in the 2001 election. And ever since he won, he’s been the model of a democrat’s republican.

The only way in which Bloomberg has even grudgingly toed the republican line has been through his fund raising activities, through which he has raised a gazillion dollars for various republican candidates around the country.

In this way, the republicans have been able to allow him the indiscretions he publicly craves — swimming against the current everywhere they look — while profiting mightily where it really counts — behind the scenes.

But as election season finally rolls around, there’s renewed pressure on Bloomberg to make his endorsements. Will he straighten up and endorse a republican candidate for anything? Or will he go with his gut, which knows, and endorse a democrat?

Bloomberg has decided to stay mum on the topic of endorsements for governor, but he has gone out on a limb to endorse Shakira for best video or something.

Long live the Hizzoner.


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