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The people of Panama are aware that their little passageway to the Pacific may not be big enough for today’s demands (or ship-sizes). But that doesn’t mean they want to fund a corrupt porkfest being peddled hard by their political leaders.

The New York Times is on the story, with a killer quote from Panama’s president, Martín Torrijos. The Times has this quote from the president, as he responds to accusations that government officials, by nature corrupt, are eager for the canal expansion because it will mean more money for them:

“It’s like if I said that all men cheat on women,” he told reporters recently. “Some of them do, but not all. Ah!”

I humbly submit: If more of our own politicians felt free enough to punctuate their utterances, however banal, with a spirited “Ah!” we might not be in the predicament in which we find ourselves.

Oh, and Rove doesn’t walk on water anymore.


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