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So, I was thinking about going to pick up the new Pete Yorn CD, because it was on the radio and I thought it sounded lame and then I started thinking it sounded good, and maybe I don’t buy enough new music and maybe I should, you know, participate a little bit more in pop culture, if Pete Yorn even counts, which I don’t know since I’ve never even really heard of the guy before. Anyway, I was driving, and I thought I’d consider buying the CD, and then I realized that the CD would be physical and clunky — outdated. I should download it. I should download it legally, since that’s what I do now. So when I could, I went to iTunes and the music store, intent on getting this music. And what i saw was a blank screen with the words: “It’s Showtime: The iTunes store is being updated.”

Back in the old days of actual stores, you never went to, say, Sam Goody, and got denied because they were updating (they never updated, but you know what I mean). If it was business hours, you could go in there and buy as many Pete Yorn CDs as you wanted.

Maybe in a few hours I’ll be glad they updated their music store, but know what? I don’t want to buy a CD anymore. Because a lot of times, when I hear something good on the radio, it’s an immediate impulse I have that makes me want to posess the thing. It passes. I don’t feel the need to own the damn thing anymore. I enjoyed it. It’s music. It’s over, and I’ve moved on. (Don’t you see? I’ve moved on! Not even thinking about it anymore!)

So in a few hours, I’ll be happy, iTunes users will be happy, and we’ll all be winners.

Except for one person. Pete Yorn.


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