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I’m usually pretty busy (like most people) with stuff like working and sleeping, so it is perfectly conceivable that something big would happen and I wouldn’t hear about it until later — possibly much later. In this case, it seems like something really big happened, and I not only missed that thing, but evidently the same thing twice, since it seems to have happened again, too.

What thing? Why, the second thing I missed was nothing short of The Third Awakening. It happened sometime this week, I think. That’s when President Bush announced that it had already happened. But to be honest, I was busy this week, so I didn’t even know it had already happened — or that he had already announced it — until the weekend. Too busy, I guess.

But the thing is, since it was the third awakening so far, I knew immediately that I’d missed the second. Everyone remembers the first. That one was awesome. I remember it like it was yesterday — hundreds of years of darkness, turning to light. The whole world watching. A true Awakening.

Since then, nothing.

Suddenly, this week (or for me, just now), a ray of hope. We’re waking up again! For the THIRD TIME. I don’t know what happened. I try to stay on top of current events. I try to, you, know read the front page, talk with people about stuff, think about stuff — I try to keep busy.

So how did I miss Awakening No. 2? What was it?

Was it our realization that bad things can happen to anybody?

Or that stuff that we think is going to work perfectly doesn’t always work so perfectly?

If you have an idea of what event or string of events might have comprised our collective Second Awakening, I’d love to know what it is. You can put it in the comments. There’s plenty of room.


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  1. Yes you did miss the 2nd Awakening, it happend around 1810-20. The calvinist where unhappy with the growing movement of protestant religions and their ungodly views.

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