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You may have thought that your culture was unsustainable because of the massive wedge it has been driving deeper and deeper in order to separate the rich from the poor. You may have thought that the fact that media “stars” are compensated so completely out of scale with whatever their “value” may actually be was a sign that the culture-at-large had lost touch with what it means to have “values.” You may have felt that, since you are concerned about the price of gas for your fuel-efficient family car, you are living on a different planet than the celebrities whom you know from your supermarket checkout lines are driving around in enormous gas-guzzling SUVs (or Hummers, even).

And you may be aware that so many of those celebrities have also, a mere 25 years after it was known to be an imperative and wholly necessary cause, jumped onto the environmentalist bandwagon and proclaimed themselves to be part of the solution because they drive electric cars (cars that emit no pollution whilst driving, because all of the pollution was spewed on the back-end, creating the energy with which they charge the car overnight. The smokestacks are back at the central plant, instead of on their car, so they’re innocent. See?).

Well, those celebrities have taken a small percentage of their overwhelmingly unsustainable net worths and bought beautiful homes on exclusive beachfront property in places like Malibu. And when they use the toilet, it goes right out to their beach.

That’s too bad for the beach and for the animals that live there, and for the ordinary people on the beach. But for the people whose property values will be hurt by the odor and the mess, as well as for their sense of exclusion and entitlement, it’s a step in the right direction. Maybe there is justice?


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