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The question is: who gains the most from the strange leak of thousands of pages of careful planning on the part of Rudy Giuliani’s campaign to do something on his behalf (maybe get him elected president, but we don’t know for sure even though the leaked documents say so, because he hasn’t formally announced yet).

Rudy’s guys say the leak is malicious and suspicious. They cite his high poll numbers in key early primary states as impetus enough for his political foes to leak his precious campaign plans. That’s right. Malicious. Why is it malicious? Because it turns out that the Giuliani people are pretty aware of the need they have to raise about $100 million — and $25 million of that very, very soon. So the cat’s out of the bag! It costs money to run for president. Stop the presses.

So, it turns out it isn’t malicious, after all. Why? Because that’s not news. But it is suspicious. Why is it suspicious? Because until the “leak,” we didn’t even know Rudy was polling well. We’ve been thinking about other things, like our dead unelected suddenly-all-things-to-all-people president, Gerald R. Ford.

And how does someone like Mitt Romney or John McCain benefit from revealing that Rudy is planning a well-financed campaign? That’s right. They don’t. Because they’re going to go to many of the same exact people to get their money.

In fact, the only way it could benefit them is if the leaked documents name the fund-raising marks. If they do name names, which could be embarrassing or at least awkward for those wealthy bankrolling capitalists, then the McCains and Romneys of the world may be hoping that the leak will reflect poorly on the can’t-keep-his-files-together Rudy, and better-by-contrast on them.

But that’s risky, since if they were later found — or even just widely suspected — of having been involved in the leak, that would look dishonest and a little sad, and who wants to give money to a sad, dishonest candidate? Not me, that’s for sure.

So Rudy’s folks leaked it, and then cried foul. But it got them the headlines, which is better than we can say for poor dead President Ford, who is suddenly a liberal, a conservative, a consensus-maker, a peace-minded coalitionist and a neocon.


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  1. What can definitely be said for Gerald Ford is that he is dead. We cannot say that of Rudy Giuliani or his political ambitions. Has anyone leaked to poor Rudy that a run for president may tarnish his “I’m the 9/11 guy!” place in history?

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