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Only a few days after peace mom Cindy Sheehan was arrested along with other people who just wanted to lie down in the road leading to the president’s desert ranch, she’s back in the headlines for being an equal-opportunity offender.

This past week’s arrest reminds us that Sheehan isn’t exactly the softest criminal. She’s seen the inside of one or two paddy wagons in her day. There’s the time she was arrested inside the House chamber for wearing an unbecoming political message on her person before a State of the Union address. There have been plenty of arrests for various protests she’s participated in.

And then there are the many, many arrests for just about everything from petty larceny to grand theft. Sheehan’s carjacking ring, while impressive for their “Gone in 60 Seconds” style, nevertheless threatened at one point to eclipse Sheehan’s day-job “bring the home troops now” messaging.

She’s had to distance herself from the auto business, and more recently, there’s been the sad litany of convenience store stick-ups. Sources close to Sheehan say it’s just her way of keeping a foot in the game, an attempt to hold onto her past before it slips completely away.

No word yet on what the Gangsta Moms For Peace founder will be doing this year for the State of the Union.


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