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One of the posts we got to publish this week over at PodTech was a completely un-ironic interview with a young man we’ll call “Trent.” Trent received a Zune for Christmas, and he actually likes it. But the most exciting new feature that the Zune offers (and that its MUCH more successful rival, the iPod, doesn’t) is the ability to zap music from one Zune to another. It’s pretty cool, in theory.

That’s why interviewer Phil Leigh keeps asking Trent about that feature. Because it is cool, in theory.

Unfortunately for Trent, Phil, and us, theory it remains. Trent goes to a school with 50,000 students, but has yet to encounter a fellow Zune owner, without whom he cannot be sure that the much-hyped and theoretically cool sharing feature even works.

The interview is well worth watching for its many, many comic moments. Like when “Trent” says that his Zune is named “Albert.” Watch Phil’s reaction. (Phil has already told us that “Trent” is the kid’s first name, but we’re not going to find out his last name. The Zune is called “Albert.” Phil takes a deep breath. Have we just learned our subject’s full name?)


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