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It’s crazy all over again. Dukakis sat out attacks on his law and order record in Mass. Kerry sat out attacks on his record as a decorated veteran. Then he sat out attacks on his incorrectly perceived attacks on veterans (wha?). Now, Senator Boxer is being willfully misinterpreted, and it’s big news in New York, among other places. It’s no liberal media that’s pushing this coverage. It’s some very loud, very base, very capitalistic papers that know how to sell copies, which is another thing liberals can’t seem to figure out.

Anyway, let’s talk about Chickenhawks. Ezra is right, and Sullivan is wrong, because they both chose the same word and one of them understands it and the other one doesn’t.

Chickenhawk. Somebody else look it up, and try to understand what it means. And then explain how Secretary Rice is going to be as personally and deeply affected by further deaths of American (and Iraqi) soldiers as the families of those soldiers. It’s an old story, old white guys sending other people’s kids off to fight wars over their portfolios, and there’s nothing shocking or even all that electrifying (for anyone) in Boxer’s remarks. She’s not a great speaker, but she didn’t misspeak, and she’s just the latest victim in the long-running game of right wing, dunderheaded pile-on.

Would be nice if the Senator would learn from her predecessors in the ring and defend herself. The way to do that? Name her own friends and relatives who have been fighting in this war, whether or not they’ve been injured or killed. And if she doesn’t have any? Then come out and say that, and explain that therein lies some of her ambivalence over being so cavalier with our volunteer armed forces. Done.


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