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Finally, a good fight.

Sen. John Edwards calls out to unnamed Democrats who have yet to take a strong stand against both the Iraq War to date and the proposed escalation of America’s military combat presence there moving forward. He says silence is betrayal.

The exhortation from Edwards for Democrats to oppose the war — issued from the same lovely church on Manhattan’s Upper West Side where Martin Luther King, Jr. announced his opposition to the Vietnam War — was taken personally by the campaign organization which, we presume, exists to put forth the candidacy of Sen. Clinton (D-NY) for president. We don’t know for sure yet, but the staff is in place, and it employs people like Howard Wolfson, who say things like “Tsk, tsk, John Edwards. You said you wouldn’t play dirty!” (Even though an exhortation to speak up for your beliefs isn’t exactly what we mean when we talk about dirty politics.)

The problem (and the reason why Mr. Wolfson might have taken Edwards’ call so personally) is that Hillary operates from a different perspective, at least when it comes to silence.

One of the slogans her campaign has been batting around when it comes to defending her staunchly bleh record vis a vis the war in Iraq? “Silence is Golden.”

As always, all that’s really needed now is a good sit-down at Orloff’s (just kidding it’s closed. has been for years.) and a session devoted to terms definition. Once we work out what silence is, we’ll be able to deal with the real issue. Evil.


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