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A diagram of an outline of a person falling into a canyon.

A diagram of an outline of a person falling into a canyon.

I’m considering, I’m considering, reviving this blog, reviving this blog. I’m considering ….

Thinking once a week isn’t too much to ask of myself. A chance to lasso up the funnest things I’ve read over the course of the week, point to the good works of friends, and basically chart my recovery from the last few years. One note, related to this dead-or-dying blog — there is a graveyard of would-be posts sitting in draft form, each of which seems to call out a different aspect of the bizarre and now-finally-over saga of the company for which I worked for the past few years. I doubt I’ll ever be able to edit those old drafts to a point where they aren’t at least prone to accusations of libel, even though, Mary McCarthy fan that I am, I’d probably relish the prospect of defending every claim. I won’t provide a link for that right now, because I’m lazy, but just know that if you search on Mary and Lillian Hellman, and throw in Dick Cavett for good measure, you’ll be in for a treat.

Anyway, we won’t be looking back at that time. We will be looking ahead. Onward, errant so-and-so!


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